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Apidextra is a diet supplement that is formulated through a combination of a number of different patented ingredients. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they will work any better than the other ingredients that they represent.

The manufacturer of this product has created a website specific to these pills. Though this is typically considered to be a positive feature for a supplement, in the case of Apidextra, it is clear that the site was very carefully designed to look as though this is a prescription medication. The words “clinically” and “scientifically” appear very frequently, and there is a picture of a doctor on the homepage. This is all done in order to help to convince the dieter that using these pills will help to promote weight loss.

One good thing about the Apidextra website is that it does identify all of the ingredients within the formula, although it does not provide their quantities. These include green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, irvingia gabonensis, coenzyme Q10 and caffeine anhydrous.

Green tea extract and green coffee bean extract offer similar benefits. They are often included in supplements of this nature in order to help to keep blood glucose levels and hunger under control. The thought is that it helps the blood sugar levels from plunging between meals, so that sugar cravings will not result. However, according to many reputable medical sources, these substances have not been linked with weight loss, and a great deal of further study is required.

Irvingia gabonensis, also known as African mango, has become a very popular weight loss supplement ingredient ever since a published study suggested it may have some impact on appetite and fat loss. However, this study was conducted with the extract from the seeds and does not suggest the whole fruit is useful.

Coenzyme Q 10 is an interesting addition to a diet pill, as it really plays no role in helping you shed weight. However, taking it will have some minor health benefits as it functions as an antioxidant in the body and may slightly increase energy levels.

One promising ingredient in this diet pill is caffeine anhydrous. If all else fails, at least you will have an energy boost from the caffeine and some fat burning too.

At approximately $50 for one bottle of Apidextra, it may be worth a try. The manufacturer offers a 90 Day money-back guarantee. Make sure to read the fine print before being convinced it will be as simple as just sending your product back and getting your money.

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