FENFAST 375 Tablets

fenfast 375 bottleOne of the most common questions asked about the FenFast® 375 formula is about how it works.  After all, there are a large number of different diet pills that all claim that they provide the best results on the market, so dieters would like to know how it is that this product stands up to its claims.

The difference that the FenFast 375 tablets make is considerable due to the scientifically studied ingredients that make up its proprietary formulation.  The active ingredients in this diet pill include: L-Phenylalanine, 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine, L-Theanine and Hordenine HCL.

All of these ingredients are well known for their highly beneficial weight loss effects.  Each of them contributes to a dieter’s ability to lose weight more quickly and easily. When combined, these ingredients work synergistically to provide powerful effects similar to Adipex and other types of phentermine tablets.

FenFast 375 Weight Loss Effects Include:

  • Lose 15 – 25 Pounds a Month!
  • Powerful Suppression of Appetite & Food Cravings
  • Cut Calories up to 50% Each Day
  • Doubled Energy Levels & an Uplifted Mood
  • Noticeable Weight Loss in as little as 72 Hours

FENFAST Tablets are scientifically designed to offer similar benefits associated with top-selling prescription diet pills, like Adipex and Phentermine.

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Customer Testimonials For FENFAST® 375 Tablets

Eleanor Stevens. (Richmond, VA)

I lose 27 pounds on FenFast in just under 8 weeks…really love this diet pill!


Tamara (Denver, Colorado)

Fenfast 375 worked very similar to Adipex for me. The dropped 21 pounds in 6 weeks. I looked everywhere to but Adipex I am so thankful to have an alternative that works and that I can actually buy online.

Stuart Vern (Lancaster, OH)

I just got fenfast in the mail yesterday. I’ve taken three pills so far and so far so good. I’m not that hungry all day today. I didn’t get jittery but I still got the extra energy from it. I have high hopes for how much I’m going to lose from using this since it already seems like the effects are pretty good. I’m feeling very positive, which is a first for me with this type of thing.

Dayzee Christy (Newark, NJ)

I have already started to lose a lot of weight and I have only been dieting with it for 10 days. Get this, I already droped 5 pounds!


fenfast 375 reviews online

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Tracy Pirce. (Tucson, AZ)

I am dieting for my wedding and fenfast is turning out to be a real lifesaver. I always have trouble losing weight but I want to look beautiful in my gown. I’m not going to have it altered until I find out how much weight I can lose. I can’t wait to see how beautiful I’m going to look in my pictures. I’ve never been a skinny girl before but I am going to be slim for my photos for the first time.

Floyd Tr. (Jamestown, PA)

I keep trying diet pills but I have had a lot of bad luck with them. They either don’t work, or they do but their side effects suck so much that I can’t take them. So I was definitely skeptical when I started with FENFAST375. But it only took me two days to be sold on it. I had no bad side effects. No nausea or constipation or diarrhea or jitters or headaches and all that nonsense. I also found that it was really affordable compared to the other ones I’ve tried. Since the appetite suppression is clearly very powerful, I feel very good about this one.

Amy B. (Green Bay, WI)

For an over the counter diet pill this is very powerful. It really got me going and killed my appetite like when I used to to Adipex and Phentermine. All in all I have to recommend Fenfast over Adipex though because I didn’t experience any side effects like I did taking Adipex.

Judy M. (Springfield, IL)

I couldn’t have gotten through my last breakup without Fenfast. I know that sounds stupid, but whenever I go thorugh a breakup I gain a lot of weight because I get depressed. When I saw that I’d gained 2 pounds, I looked for a diet pill and ended up picking Fenfast. It worked really good for helping me to lose the weight again but it also kept me feeling upbeat. I didn’t end up getting the blues for weeks and weeks this time. I think it is actually helping me to stay positive and focus on looking great instead of what I went through.

Tood Kerfenx. (Little Rock, AR)

I like losing weight with fenfast even more than I did when I was taking a prescription. I had been using a fat blocker and it had horrible side effects. There were painful cramps and gas and I had to run to the bathroom a lot which was embarrassing at work. But these pills have NO side effects for me. Plus, instead of blocking fat, it stopped me from eating as much in the first place. I just wasn’t hungry.

Jessie Lee. (Santa Fe, NM)

This diet pill is WONDERFUL. I have lost 9 pounds and it’s been only 2 weeks plus 1 day. I wasn’t too sure when I first ordered this because I’ve never bought a pill online before but the shipping was fast and the packaging was very confidential and I have lost so much weight! I almost feel stupid for doubting my choice now that I’ve tried it out and it’s so great. I’m glad that all my doubts were wrong and now I can actually lose the weight I know shouldn’t be there in the first place. I can’t wait to look good this summer!

What You Can Expect From FENFAST375 Tablets

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Among the benefits that they produce are the following:

  • Appetite suppression – the ingredients within this formula have been shown in scientific study to reduce the hunger levels experienced by dieters.  This doesn’t actually cause fat to be reduced all on its own.  However, it does make it much easier for dieters to be able to reduce their daily food intake.  Therefore, when combined with a lower calorie diet, FENFAST can take out the struggle with hunger and make it much easier to shed the extra pounds in a healthy way.
  • Energy boosting – again, this is an effect that is highly beneficial to making weight loss easier, but that doesn’t cause fat to be eliminated all on its own.  This benefit is helpful because it gives dieters the drive they need to be able to power through their exercise routines every day, instead of being held back by exhaustion or fatigue after a long day.
  • Fat burning – as long as the dieter is already exercising, this benefit allows him or her to make sure that the highest number of calories are burned away with each effort.  FENFAST speeds up the metabolism, which is helpful in making sure that fat will be burned at the maximum possible speed.
  • Mood supporting – though this is often overlooked by other over the counter diet pills, FENFAST® helps to ensure that the mood remains positive so that motivation levels can be sustained throughout the entire diet.  This helps to overcome one of the largest reasons that diets can fail.

When all of these effects are combined, they not only help to lose weight quickly and easily, but they assist in building the right healthy lifestyle habits to ensure that the excess fat never returns.

How FENFAST® 375 White & Blue Speck Tablets Compare to Adipex

If you’re looking for a diet pill that doesn’t just claim that it will be able to help you to lose weight, but that actually has the scientific engineering and clinically studied ingredients to back up those claims, then you will want to hear more about FENFAST® tablets.

These American-made diet pills were created with the specific purpose of offering a non-prescription tablet that replicates the benefits that are produced by prescription diet drugs.  The development team at Intechra Health studied the effects of Phentermine 37.5mg (Adipex) very closely and, after extensive research, came up with a proprietary formula that is capable of producing similar effects to that drug.

fenfast vs phentermine comparison
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In fact, not only is the FENFAST 375 capable of bringing those same types of benefits to dieters, but it does so without replicating the drawbacks that make many patients with obesity think twice before starting a prescription of Adipex.

This means that all of those benefits are available without suffering the risk of powerful side effects such as dangerously high blood pressure, or the chance of addiction.  No matter how long you take this nonprescription diet pill according to the directions on the package, you will not experience those unpleasant symptoms and you will never become addicted.

What you will experience when you take FENFAST® 375 is:

  • an increased metabolism,
  • a boost of energy,
  • and a suppressed appetite.

These effects will make it far easier for you to be able to stick to a weight loss diet that includes healthy eating and a regular exercise program.  Though those may sound difficult without the use of FENFAST when you are taking these diet pills, the challenges to those efforts are eliminated, making it much easier to stick to this kind of healthy dieting plan.

All of these achievements were made possible through the proprietary formula that was created by the Intechra Health development team.  They came up with a nutraceutical formulation that consists of: L-Phenylalanine, Caffeine Anhydrous, Hordenine HCl and L-Theanine.  Each of those ingredients has been clinically studied and the weight loss and health and wellness industries are both very familiar with their effects and their safe use.

By choosing FENFAST, you’ll begin a weight loss program as you’ve never experienced before.  Simply by following the directions on the package – which consists of taking only two tablets every day – you’ll discover that you will be able to start seeing weight loss effects in as little as three days from the start of your program.