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3G BURN Information

3G BURN is a non-prescription diet pill comprised of scientifically studied all natural burner enhancing ingredients formulated to offer maximum support to dieters seeking to bolster their weight management efforts. It was created for individuals as an aid to support their conventional weight loss methods, such as following a healthy reduced calorie diet and regular exercise. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a non-prescription alternative to diet drugs like Adipex-P and Phentermine.

This dietary supplement is of the most premium quality and was created by Intechra Health Inc. This manufacturer is no stranger to the OTC (over-the-counter) weight loss industry and has produced several effective products for many years. 3G BURN is one of their newer products and is manufactured in a facility in the USA that uses the best manufacturing practices.

How 3G BURN Supports Fat Burning Efforts

The goal of 3G BURN is to give dieters the additional support they need to help them achieve their goals, no matter how big or small. The product strives to achieve this goal with a formula that is composed of all natural energy amplifiers, burn boosters, fat oxidizers and focus enhancers.

3G BURN Ingredients

When this review was written, the ingredients in the formula that are contained in each of the capsules included:

  • Garcinia (fruit) Extract
  • Green Coffee (bean) Extract
  • Caffeine, Forskohlii (root) Extract
  • Green Tea (leaf) Extract

Each of these ingredients has been researched and analyzed by scientists to determine their effects and how they work on the body. For instance, some research has found that garcinia cambogia has the potential to help with the reduction of overall body weight by reducing appetite and enhancing energy expenditure. Coleus forskohlii root can burn fat by boosting the rate at which stored body fat is burned. Green coffee bean has been shown to block the body from absorbing some of the fat from ingested food. Caffeine and green tea are thought to be energy boosters, fat burners and metabolism enhancers. These substances can also increase mental alertness and function at their best when combined with physical exercise, especially cardio.

3G BURN Dosage

The recommended dosage instructions are to take 2 capsules with 8 ounces of water, two times per day, approximately 30 minutes before meals. Users are also cautioned to avoid taking 3G BURN to close to bedtime (no later than 5 hours before bed) as it does contain stimulants.

For the best success, 3G Burn should be taken exactly as directed or as prescribed by your health care provider. It is meant for healthy adults and should be used in conjunction with a calorie-reduced diet and regular, fitness-appropriate exercise.

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