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Adapexin-P is a weight loss pill that claims that it will be able to help with losing up to 28 pounds within a period of 20 weeks. This is not an unoriginal promise by a diet supplement manufacturer, so the question is whether or not it can actually live up to its promises with both clinical evidence and proof, or whether this is simply a marketing ploy to generate sales.

In the case of Adapexin-P, there are seven primary ingredients within the formula, each of which is supported by some studies of varying size, in their benefits for helping to lose more weight than a dieter would without this ingredient. Furthermore, the manufacturer has included a 100 percent money back satisfaction guarantee on the official website for this pill, however, some exceptions do apply so it’s important to read all of the details before buying.

The entire list of ingredients in Adapexin-P includes phenylethylamine, glucomannan, chromax, raspberry ketones, evodiamine, ginger root, and caffeine. The top ingredient in this list, phenylethylamine, is typically used as a form of mood elevator, although it is often said to have appetite suppressing qualities and weight loss boosting effects. That said, there is no clinical evidence to support these common claims about this ingredient.

Glucomannan is a type of fiber that is water soluble. Each serving of these pills contains 1,000 mg of this ingredient, and the directions say that it should be taken twice per day. Fiber does have a tendency to slow down the digestive process and some studies are starting to indicate that it could reduce hunger. However, it should be noted that in the recommended amount and quantity in this pill, it might not be enough to make a substantial difference to the appetite.

It should be noted that there is also a notable amount of caffeine in Adapexin-P, so this could cause struggles among individuals who are sensitive to stimulants, and could cause certain side effects that are associated with this ingredient, such as jitters, headaches, nausea, or insomnia. Due to the fact that it can cause sleeplessness, it is recommended that this pill should not be taken too close to bedtime.

Among the advantages of Adapexin-P are that it provides an energy boost with its stimulant ingredient, and there is some anecdotal evidence to support some of the other ingredients. The price is low for a weight loss pill, at $50 for three months’ worth of the supplements.

The drawbacks include the fact that the claims are significant and there is nothing in the ingredients list or the other information provided by the manufacturer that suggests that it can live up to those promises.

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