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Adiperx HCL 37.5 mg review
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Adiperx HCL 37.5mg is a non-prescription diet pill that has supposedly been designed to suppress a person’s appetite. The name of this product makes it clear that is has been marketed as an alternative to Adipex, which contains phentermine hydrochloride (HCL).

That being said, aside from its name and the fact that it is a white tablet with blue specks, Adiperx HCL does not contain phentermine. It is also free of ephedra and amphetamines.

Official Information About This Product is Lacking

While there is no official website for Adiperx HCL, information that can be found about it online claims that it is an all natural herbal supplement and it can control cravings and reduce appetite.

At the time this Adiperx HCL 37.5mg review was written, no ingredients list for this product could be found. This immediately raises many red flags and brings the efficacy and safety of this weight loss pill into question. However, one site selling the product did say that it is a gymnema-based herbal supplement, which suggests that the formula may contain gymnema. Still, even if this is the case, it is unknown how much of this herb it contains or what other ingredients may be found in the formula.

Gymnema May Have Multiple Health Benefits

Gymnema is a shrub that is native to Africa and India. It is commonly used in weight loss products, as well as metabolic syndrome and cough. Research also suggests that it may aid in the treatment of diabetes.

The leaves of the shrub contain a substance that reduces the absorption of sugar from the intestine. It can also increase insulin production and the growth of pancreas cells.

It has been used as an appetite suppressant, diuretic, laxative and digestive stimulant. There is no clinical evidence that proves gymnema is effective for aiding in weight loss in humans.

Best to Avoid Taking Adiperx HCL 37.5mg

Since there is extremely limited information regarding Adiperx HCL, it is unknown what side effects may occur from taking this product. This, coupled by the lack of evidence to back up claims that it works to assist with weight loss, leads one to conclude that this product is likely ineffective and potentially dangerous.

At the time of this review, a bottle of Adiperx HCL containing 60 tablets cost $79.99. Nevertheless, while it may be possible to purchase this weight loss supplement, due to the lack of ingredients list and the limited information about this diet pill, it is strongly recommended that you avoid taking it and definitely consult with your healthcare provider if it is something that interests you.

Adiperx HCL Update – March 2020

As of March 2020, all that remains of Adiperx HCL 37.5mg are online reviews about the product, including the one above. Purchasing this diet pill is no longer an option. It has likely been discontinued as is the case with many OTC diet pills that have been blatantly marketed as nonprescription alternatives to the diet drugs Adipex-P and Phentermine.

Think Before You Buy

It is important to think before you buy certain OTC diet pill products, especially those that are marketed as phentermine or Adipex alternatives. Unlike Alli, which is a nonprescription version of Xenical and Orlistat, there currently is no OTC alternative to diet drugs that contain phentermine. As such, companies who choose to market their products this way are providing you with false information.

Therefore, if you should come across a diet pill that you would like to try, make sure that you:

  • Research the company
  • Research the ingredients
  • Research what other customers have to say about it

Additionally, if the product that has captured your attention can be purchased online but it or its manufacturer does not have an official product page, as was the case with Adiperx HCL 37.5mg, it would be wise to avoid buying it, no matter the price or the claims that have been made about it.

Finally, when in doubt, never forget that your pharmacist or your health care provider are great people to consult with before you try a dietary supplement. Consulting with a professional helps to make sure that the product you are keen to try won’t negatively interact with any current health condition you may have or other medications you may be taking.

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