Adipex Weight Loss

Adipex Weight Loss Pills

Though Adipex is a powerful prescription diet pill, it cannot do all the work for you. Even if you are taking this medication, weight loss results will be slow or even non-existent if it is not combined with diet modification and regular exercise. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect an easy ride. You need to prepare to make a lot of important lifestyle changes and put in a solid effort to lose weight and keep it from returning.

The entire purpose for using a prescription diet drug is to shed excess body fat, but Adipex weight loss does take a little bit more than simply popping a pill. Instead, this is only a tool to help the rest of the dieting process to become much faster and easier as it helps to remove the unpleasant aspects of losing weight.

How Do Adipex Pills Work?

The key to Adipex weight loss is in its active ingredient, phentermine. In fact, Adipex-P is the brand name version of Phentermine and is produced by the Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd. The medication in Adipex pills functions as an appetite suppressant, which allows an individual on a calorie controlled diet to be able to successfully reduce the amount that they eat every day, without having to worry about the feeling of being starved all the time. This is important because feeling continual hunger is one of the most common reasons that diets fail.

In order to achieve Adipex weight loss, patients will also need to follow the directions that their doctors provide regarding a healthy, well balanced, and calorie reduced diet as well as an increased daily activity level.

Adipex Weight Loss – Is it For You?

To make Adipex weight loss work for you, begin by making an appointment with your doctor. This will typically require you to have yourself weighed and undergo a number of tests in order to find out if you are obese, and whether or not you are suffering from any additional conditions that are connected with the amount of additional fat that is being carried by your body. Such conditions could include high blood pressure or cholesterol, or even type 2 diabetes. Before prescribing this drug, your doctor will also need to know if you are taking any other medications or supplements, in order to help reduce potential conflicts.

If you do receive a prescription, make sure that you follow the directions on the label very carefully. This will help to make certain that you achieve the maximum possible effect, while keeping the risk and severity of side effects as low as possible.

Common side effects associated with this medication include (but are not limited to):

  • Increased heart rate
  • Dry mouth
  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Constipation

Make certain that you never take more of the drug than prescribed. Also, do not take it more frequently or for any longer than recommended by the doctor. This is a potentially addictive drug that can cause serious consequences when misused.

That being said, it should also be noted that more recent studies conducted on phentermine have found that it may be safe for longer-term treatment in patients who respond to it and tolerate it well. Of course, this won’t be the case for all who take Adipex, which is why it is important that your progress while taking this prescription medication should be monitored by your prescribing physician. Everyone’s experience is different.

Build Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Long-term Weight Management Success

Whether you are prescribed Adipex for short or long-term weight loss, remember that this prescription diet pill isn’t a miracle drug that will melt fat off your body. It is also not meant to be used as a crutch for the rest of your life. The purpose is to use the time that you are taking advantage of Adipex weight loss to build healthy eating and exercise habits that you will be able to maintain once you are no longer taking this medication.

This will help you to make sure that you continue to lose fat until your goal is achieved, and that you will maintain this fat loss and not regain the pounds after that point.