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Adipo RX is a diet supplement that is marketed toward individuals who are struggling to lose weight, even when they are careful about what they eat and are keeping up with daily exercise. It targets both men and women whose BMIs are high, claiming that the ingredients will help the body to better utilize foods and that it will help in the release of enzymes that will reduce the ability for fat cells to form. 

Adipo RX Ingredients

All of the ingredients in Adipo RX’s 675mg formula are listed on the official website. While there are many ingredients within the formula, the key substances the manufacturer highlights are:

  • Chromax,
  • Leangard,
  • Irvingia Gabonensis,
  • Fucoxanthin,
  • Caralluma Fimbriata,
  • Bioperine

Each of these ingredients can be found in a variety of over-the-counter weight management aids. That being said, although this may be the case, this does not mean that these substances are safe or effective for individuals seeking to trim down their waistlines and reduce their overall body fat in a healthful and meaningful way.

A Closer Look at the Formulas Potential Benefits

In spite of there being no proof that the Adipox RX formula is effective or safe, the following are some of the claims that have been made about the key ingredients and what some research has found:

  • Chromax is simply another word for chromium. It is an unproven, overused ingredient for weight loss. However, there is a chance that in the right amount it may help with blood sugar regulation. Additionally, a form of chromium known as chromium picolinate, which is absorbed better by the body, could result in cravings control.
  • Leangard is a proprietary ingredient that contains three different substances. Bioperine (black pepper), garcitrin, and forslean (forskohlii) It is a high fiber ingredient that is designed to help fat cells to be released to make them easier to burn, and to help to detoxify the body.
  • Garcitrin is a combination of two fruits, garcinia indica and garcinia cambogia, which are included to help increase lean muscle mass. Irvingia gabonensis, or African mango, is also a fruit whose seeds have shown to have some ability to reduce body fat.
  • Bioperine is one of the only clinically proven ingredients for increasing the body’s temperature to help to burn off fat, but science has shown that these effects are so mild that they are insignificant. 

Other Considerations About This Diet Pill to Keep in Mind

Adipo RX claims to be a powerful fat burner, though only very mild fat burning ingredients have been included in its formula. Moreover, the “RX” suggests that it is a prescription diet pill, which it is not. In no way is this dietary supplement an Adipex alternative.

That being said, when this Adipo RX review was written, the manufacturer offered an unconditional satisfaction guarantee, where the full purchase price (minus shipping and handling) will be refunded for any unopened packages of the product that are returned.

However, before you get too excited about the money-back promise, you should find out exactly how much “handling” costs.

Additionally, another red flag for this product is that it contains many ingredients that are included in proprietary formulas. While there’s nothing wrong with proprietary formulas, the trouble is that in many cases, the manufacturer does not list the specific quantities of each individual ingredient, which is the case of Adipo RX.

This type of marketing makes it very difficult to tell if enough of the ingredients are included in order to be able to live up to their promises. Furthermore, it also can make it difficult to know whether or not its use will cause conflicts with other supplements or medications, or if it will cause problems with any medical conditions you may have.

This being the case, it is extremely prudent that you first consult with your health care provider before you take this non-prescription diet pill to make sure it is safe for you. This is particularly important if you have an existing health condition, are taking medications or are pregnant or nursing.

Update: As of July 2019, Adipo RX was no longer available for purchase online. An official product page did not exist and the Twitter account dedicated to the product was last updated September 2013, which is another indication that this diet pill has been discontinued.

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