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Alphamine is a fat burner marketed to those seeking to lose weight and body builders. Unlike many weight loss supplements designed for fat burning, Alphamine is a powder that is mixed with water to make a drink. It is not taken in the form of a pill. As such, individuals who have difficulties swallowing pills may prefer this product to OTC diet pills.

Manufactured by PES (Physique Enhancing Science), Alphamine claims to be a “powerful thermogenic powder.” According to the official product website, the “ingredients mobilize fat for energy while keeping the body in a state of thermogenesis,” which puts the user’s metabolism in overdrive, so that they burn more calories than normal. The manufacturer stresses that the product is meant to be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise for optimal results. It is meant to enhance weight loss efforts. It is not a miracle.

The Alphamine formula is split up into two systems. The first is the FIT Performance System: Choline Bitartrate, Alpha-Hydroxy-Isocaproic Acid, Eucommia Ulmoides (Leaf) Extract (98% Chlorogenic Acid), Olive (Leaf) Extract. The second is the Ergo-Thermogenic System: Caffeine Anhydrous, Nelumbo Nucifera (Seed) Extract (Standardized for Higenamine), Yohimbe (Bark) Extract. These two systems combined make up the Alphamine FIT Matrix.

In essence, Alphamine is a combination of amino acids and stimulants that work together to boost your metabolism and heat up your body. While the official product page does an impressive job of providing information about each ingredient (including references to studies) and explains how it works to aid with weight loss, the reality is that regardless of the claims that the manufacturer has made, there is no clinical evidence that any of these ingredients can benefit weight loss.

In fact, one of the most troubling statements made on the site is about higenamine. The site claims that it is “potent but safe” and that it has been “shown to be incredibly safe in humans.” In actuality, virtually nothing is known about higenamine. Furthermore, its effects have never been officially studied on humans. All that is known is it acts like a stimulant and can cause certain parts of the body to relax and others to speed up, such as the heart. Therefore, it has the potential to cause rapid heartbeat.

This product does contain more than one stimulant, most notably, caffeine. 1 scoop contains 125 mg of caffeine, which is about equivalent to an 8oz cup of coffee. While this isn’t so bad, when you consider that it has been combined with other stimulants, this means that there is a greater potential for side effects, such as rapid heartbeat, sleep disturbances, digestive upset, anxiety, etc.

If you are considering taking this product, you should not only first speak with your doctor to see if it is a safe choice for you, but also to be sure to limit your intake of other stimulant-related beverages and foods (ex. coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, etc.) to help reduce the risk of side effects.

At the time this review was written, a single tub of Alpahmine (84 servings – a 4 week supply), cost $29.99 and was available in three flavors: Cherry Limeade, Raspberry Lemonade and Fruit Punch. It is recommended that users first assess their tolerance by starting off taking only half of a scoop in the morning, per day. If this is tolerated well, they can begin taking a full scoop in the morning, daily. Eventually a user may gradually increase their dose to 1 and a half or 2 scoops per day, with the maximum does being 3 scoops per day.

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