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Altrexa is a weight management aid from Biotek Nutrition. According to the product label of this OTC diet pill, it is a professional strength thermogenic and fat burning amplifier. It supposedly works as a “thermodynamic metabolic activator” and an “extreme weight loss accelerator.”

When this Altrexa review was written, it could be purchased for $24.99 on Amazon. This price covered the purchase of one bottle, which contained 60 capsules. One bottle can last for one month if the suggested dose is taken but will last for less than a month if the maximum dose is taken daily.

Developed as a Thermogenic Formula

Claiming to be a powerful and potent diet pill, Altrexa also claims to work quickly as a thermogenic metabolizer to help the body burn fat. Additionally, it supposedly works to provide a boost in energy to deliver fast-acting energy throughout the day and reduces belly fat with the help of natural energy and drive to break down fat cells.

If it can deliver on these claims and give the body a boost in energy and metabolism this could help a dieter burn more fat, especially when added to a healthy diet and workout program.

Altrexa Ingredients List

The Altrexa formula is composed of a proprietary formula. The ingredients include:

Based on the above ingredients list, the proprietary formula contains multiple stimulants (caffeine, phenethylamine and yohimbe) and a diuretic (nettle leaf). It also contains an ingredient commonly found in popular energy drinks (glucuronolactone) and inositol niacinate, which is most commonly used for blood circulation problems.

The Benefit and Drawback of Stimulant Ingredients

Although the stimulants in this formula may help to boost mental alertness and metabolism, which could be beneficial for supporting a dieter in getting the most out of their fat burning when exercising, the fact that it doesn’t list the amount of each ingredient within the formula is a concern.

The reason is that there is 450 mg of the proprietary formula per 1 capsule serving and the suggested dosage instructions are to take 1 capsule, two times per day, 30 minutes before meals. However, a third capsule can be taken for “increased weight loss”. No more than 3 pills are recommended in a 24 hour period.

Since caffeine is the first ingredient listed, this suggests that there is more caffeine present in a capsule compared to the rest of the ingredients. As such, there is a strong possibility that there is a risk of unwanted side effects, including jitters, headache, rapid heartbeat, etc. Moreover, sleep disturbances are also highly likely if a dose is taken too late in the day or near bedtime.

Consult with Your Healthcare Provider

Finally, since Altrexa does contain inositol nicotinate , it would be best to first consult with your healthcare provider before taking it. This is especially important if you have an existing medical condition or allergies as inositol niacinate may slow blood clotting, may interfere with blood sugar control and could trigger allergy symptoms by releasing histamine.

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