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Apidexin PM is a form of weight loss supplement that claims to work while you sleep, so that you simply need to go to bed and rest, and the pounds will simply melt away all by themselves. In fact, the official website for this product claims that it helps dieters to achieve 28.1 times more weight loss while doing nothing more than achieving a sound sleep. Furthermore, it claims that it suppresses the appetite by 24 percent so that you feel less hungry.

** Apidexin PM has a new new formula – Read the new Apidexin PM Review.

The primary ingredients in Apidexin PM are chromax, humulus lupulus (hops), and irvingia gabonensis. The manufacturer claims that its ingredients are clinically proven for appetite suppression, metabolism regulation, lowering cholesterol, improving the mood, easing nervousness and tension, and encouraging the user to fall asleep.

Chromax is an ingredient that is a form of chromium. There are many weight loss supplements that claim that this substance has appetite suppressing properties because it helps to balance the blood glucose levels, but this effect has yet to be clinically proven to help with weight loss. Humulus lupulus, which is also known as hops, is known for helping to ease tension such as restlessness and nervousness, and can support healthy sleep and better rest. Irvingia gabonensis is a type of wild mango which has some anecdotal support in terms of its ability to help suppress the appetite and burn fat, though this has yet to be clinically proven.

To take Apidexin PM, two of the capsules are taken every night before bedtime. It does, however, encourage its users to adopt a healthy nutritious eating plan and increase daily activity levels.

Among the advantages of using Apidexin PM are that it is an over the counter pill that does not require a doctor’s prescription. It is easy to buy online. It contains some vitamins, which help to make it healthy, even if they do not contribute to the actual purpose of the supplement. The official website for this product explains why each of the ingredients are included.

Among the drawbacks of choosing Apidexin PM are that this formula has caused negative reactions among some users. There is no clinical research to support many of the ingredients or the formula as a whole. The official website does not include any testimonials from real customers.

The Apidexin PM capsules can be purchased from the official manufacturer’s website for $59.99 (at the time of this review). It has a day-time counterpart called Apidexin and the marketing is almost identical to two other products as well. It appears that the manufacturer of all these products is trying to fill every Adipex alternative niche that may exist. Unfortunately, none of these products are considered to be very effective in helping users lose weight.

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