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Appedex SX-7 is a dietary supplement and weight loss aid from MuscleTech. It is a powder that is meant to be mixed with water and is taken once a day with a meal. Its purpose is to help control hunger for hours and it is marketed as a “cutting-edge appetite control formula”.

The non-stimulant formula contains eight ingredients: Appethyl, Camu Camu, Kudzu, Opuntia Ficus-Indica, Lemon Balm, Mulberry, White Kidney Bean, and Kelp Fiber. Each of these ingredients is believed to provide some type of benefit for weight loss.

For instance:

  • Kelp fiber is said to reduce hunger by helping a person eat less. That said, studies have not found kelp to cause a person to feel full.
  • Appethyl is made up of green leaf extracts that are believed to reduce weight gain and decrease appetite.
  • Kudzu supposedly helps to suppress the appetite and lower body mass index.
  • White kidney bean and mulberry are hunger suppressors. However, mulberry also helps to lighten stress.
  • Lemon balm boosts mood and reduces stress.
  • Camu camu supports appetite suppression and boosts mood, as well as energy.

There is no clinical proof that any of the ingredients in this formula will help with weight loss in humans. Furthermore, while Appedex SX-7 contains no stimulants and no adverse side effects are listed for this product, this does not mean side effects are not possible. That being said, this product should not be taken by pregnant or nursing women, and those who have a medical condition should speak with their doctor prior to taking it.

For best results, those who use this product should blend one scoop of the powder with 11 ounces of cold water and drink with a meal once daily. Although it can be mixed without a blender, when the powder is only stirred in water, it can clump because of the spinach and kelp ingredients. Therefore, for an optimal experience, mixing with a blender is recommended.

At the time this review was written, a single bottle of Appedex SX-7 could be purchased online at a sale price of $39.99. There are only 21 servings per container, which is only a 3-week supply. Due to this fact, this could become quite expensive for anyone who wishes to take this product on a regular basis.

Although a doctor’s prescription is not required, prior to taking Appedex SX-7 it is a good idea to consult with your healthcare provider.

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