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If you have been in search of a stimulant and caffeine-free diet pill that can help with hunger control, the reduction of carbs and boost metabolism, you may have come across CliníCAL. This nonprescription weight management aid from Fit&Lean is a once-daily dietary supplement that has been developed with clinically tested ingredients and is marketed as a three-stage weight control formula.

Three-stage Weight Control Formula

Fit&Lean claims that CliníCAL has an advanced three-stage mechanism of action that is propelled by “clinical doses of potent isolated herbal extracts” that have shown to effectively increase calorie burning and metabolism while curbing appetite and lowering the body’s absorption of carbohydrates.

The three stages include:

  • Stage 1: Hunger Control
  • Stage 2: Carbohydrate Management
  • Stage 3: Boost Metabolism

If this formula does manage to deliver on these benefits, it could certainly help dieters who struggle to maintain their weight loss efforts due to feelings of excessive hunger and feelings of sluggishness.

CliníCAL Has Three Active Ingredients

The CliníCAL formula contains only three active ingredients:

  • MetaVive
  • Green Tea
  • Grains of Paradise

The directions are to take 1 capsule per day with 8 ounces of water before your largest meal.

According to Fit&Lean, MetaVive (a standardized Salacia chinensis extract) and Grains of Paradise are the two ingredients that are clinically proven effective for weight loss when taken at proper doses. It claims that both of these ingredients have shown positive results in clinical studies and listed three studies as reference.

It is true that there is research that has found positive results for these ingredients. For instance, one study involving grains of paradise revealed that the daily ingestion of this herb increases whole-body energy expenditure, suggesting that grains of paradise may be useful for lowering body fat, particularly in the prevention of visceral fat accumulation.

Still, a few studies with positive results does not mean that grains of paradise or MetaVive are clinically proven effective for weight loss. All that it means is that they have shown potential to be effective and further study is needed to determine the true effects and safety of these ingredients for weight loss.

Unsubstantiated Claims

When all is said and done, a single bottle of CliníCAL can be purchased for $27.99 on the official Fit&Lean product page, but there is no guarantee or solid clinical evidence that this OTC diet pill is safe or effective for weight loss, in spite of what the manufacturer says.

Moreover, it should be noted that although the product packaging claims that this diet pill is stimulant and caffeine-free, this is untrue. The formula has green tea. While green tea contains only a minimal amount of caffeine and isn’t likely to have a negative effect on most healthy adults, the fact remains that there is still caffeine in green tea, so claiming that this product is caffeine-free is false.

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