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Fenphedrine is a non-prescription diet pill. It is marketed as an “advanced weight loss formula” and the claim is that it increases fat burning, builds lean muscle and decreases appetite. According to the official product page, Fenphedrine was created to stimulate CART (Cocaine Amphetamine Regulatory Transcript) and inhibit NPY (neuropeptide Y) to assist people in losing weight.

According to the website, the primary reason a person is overweight is due to an ongoing battle between the two neuropeptides, CART and NPY. CART supposedly helps to increase metabolism, lower appetite and boost insulin levels to provide the muscles with the energy they require, instead of storing extra calories as fat. NPY, on the other hand, is a stress hormone and increases appetite, restricts metabolism and decreases body temperature.

The complete ingredient list for Fenphedrine is not listed on the product page. However, the three ingredients that are listed include:

DiCaffeine Malate – This is a form of caffeine that is combined with malic acid. It supposedly stimulates thermogenesis, increase energy levels and encourages mental focus and alertness.

Razberi K – Some claim that this substance can help burn fat, suppress fat absorption and increases thermogenesis.

Thermodiame – The claim is that it can lower the absorption of fat in the body, boost thermogenesis and increase the fat burning process.

In addition to not providing a full list of ingredients, there is also not scientific evidence to prove that any of the claims made about Fenphedrine and its effects are true. Furthermore, there is no clinical proof that the ingredients found within the formula can aid with weight loss.

Also, while the official product site states that “no adverse side effects have been reported” and that the ingredients are “safe and effective”, with no evidence to back up their claims and considering this product contains a high stimulant content, this may leave one questioning the integrity of such a statement. For some people, caffeine can cause adverse affects including, but not limited to: jitters, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, headaches, nervousness and increased blood pressure. Individuals who have a high sensitivity to stimulants or who have heart problems should avoid taking this product

At the time this review was written, a single bottle of Fenphedrine, containing 60 capsules (a one month supply), cost $69.95. It is also backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Before taking this product, you are strongly advised to first discuss your options with your medical practitioner.

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