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Fentalena is a non-prescription diet pill marketed to women who are seeking to lose weight. This weight loss supplement claims to be a thermogenic, appetite suppressant and an energy booster. In other words, with this OTC alternative to prescription diet pills, women should burn body fat faster, feel more energized to help them lose their desired weight, and feel less hunger; all of which can contribute to weight loss.

Fentalena is composed of a Fentalena Propriety Blend, which includes: Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketones, Green Tea Leaf, Yohimbe Bark Extract, Acai Fruit Extract, Goji Fruit Extract, Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Noni Fruit Extract, Cinnamon Twig, Galangal Rhizome, Glucuronloactone, Naringin, Hoodia godonii extract, Guggulsterones E & Z. The pill also contains Thiamne, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, and Pantothenic Acid.

Due to the fact that there are so many ingredients in the Fentalena proprietary formula, it is unlikely that there are high enough doses of each ingredient for most of them to have any real effects. Be that as it may, usually, the first few ingredients listed in a blend make up the largest quantity in the mix.

Since this is the case, that would mean that garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean, raspberry ketones and green tea are the predominant ingredients in the formula. As for the weight loss benefits that these ingredients provide, research suggests that garcinia cambogia is supposed to help prevent fat storage and that by combining hydroxycitric acid (a slimming compound in garcinia cambogia) with guggulsterones (another ingredient in Fentalena) can help with weight loss, especially when combined with exercise and a sensible diet.

Green coffee bean and green tea are both supposed to help boost energy, improve mental focus and stimulate the fat burning process. As for raspberry ketones, it supposedly blocks fat. None of these ingredients have ever scientifically been proven to cause weight loss.

While it does have plenty of positive reviews on Amazon – which is where you can currently purchase a single bottle containing 60 capsules for $39.97 – There is very little information available about this product and there is absolutely no evidence to back up any of the claims that it can aid with weight loss. Furthermore, this is a rather expensive product considering one bottle with 60 pills costs nearly $40 and one serving consists of 3 capsules.

It should also be pointed out that while no side effects have been reported by users taking this product, this does not mean that side effects cannot occur. Anyone allergic to any of the ingredients in the formula should avoid taking it. It may also not be an ideal weight management formula for anyone who is sensitive to caffeine. While it does not contain a large amount of stimulants, green coffee bean and green tea do contain caffeine, which may lead to insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, jitters, headache and other unpleasant adverse effects in some people.

Although Fentalena does appear to be an interesting weight loss supplement, you should still consult with your healthcare provider before taking it.

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