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FenTrim is an OTC oral appetite suppressant that promises to help boost metabolism, stimulate thermogenesis, amplify energy levels, and decrease food cravings. The claim is that FenTrim can help a person achieve their weight loss goals with its appetite suppression and energy boosting powers.

At the time this review was written, an official product page for FenTrim did not exist. The product was sold through Amazon for $42.95. This was the price of a single bottle of 60 white and blue speckled tablets; a 30 day supply.

The ingredients in FenTrim include a proprietary blend made up of L-Phenylalanine, Theobromine, Caffeine, Synephrine HCL, L-Taurine, L-Carnitine (as Tartrate), DHEA (Dedhydoepiandrosterone).

Many of these ingredients are believed to be promising for weight loss, which is why you are likely to see them appear in several other OTC diet pill formulas on the market. The majority of these ingredients have been studied to determine how effective they are for aiding a person in losing weight.

For instance, some studies have found that L-Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid that can work as an appetite suppressant by blocking cholecystokinin, a hormone that informs the brain when the body is satisfied after eating. Theobromine is a natural stimulant that helps you to feel more alert. L-Carnitine helps with metabolic energy. Caffeine helps to increase alertness and in some cases has been found to help with appetite suppression. L-Taurine is a natural energy booster and may enhance mood, as well as support healthy cholesterol levels.

While this all sounds very impressive, studies conducted on these ingredients have discovered that these ingredients have only the potential to be effective for weight loss; their actual effectiveness on weight loss has never been proven. That being said, it is proven that caffeine can increase alertness. Therefore, it is highly likely that you will, at the very least, feel a boost of energy with FenTrim.

Of course, the major downside to taking FenTrim is the risk of negative side effect that it presents. This pill contains many stimulant ingredients (ex. caffeine, synephrine, theobromine). Therefore, the potential for certain unwanted side effects, such as sleeplessness, anxiety, jitters, heart palpitations, headache, mood swings, etc., may be higher for certain individuals. Particularly those who have sensitivities to stimulants or who ingest beverages or foods containing stimulants while taking FenTrim.

Users are instructed to take 2 pills per day: 1 tablet on an empty stomach prior to breakfast and 1 prior to lunch.

Before taking FenTrim, you are strongly advised to first speak with your healthcare provider to make sure that this diet pill is a safe and practical choice for you.

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