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Herbal Nitro Extreme Energy Review
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Herbal Nitro Extreme Energy is marketed as a maximum strength energy pill that claims that you can power through your day without crashing or experiencing jitters. It promises maximum physical endurance as well as mental alertness and focus. This dietary supplement from Herbal Nitro is made to “boost your energy unbelievably” so that you can run faster, harder and longer.

On Herbal Nitro’s official product page for Extreme Energy, the company claims that this dietary supplement (which it says has been a hit since it was first produced in 1999) is ideal for: anyone who needs more energy throughout the day, who hates crashing in the middle of the day, who has tired other energy supplements that don’t work, who is not a fan of coffee or other energy drinks, and who believes in putting all-natural ingredients into their body.

Speaking of its all-natural ingredients, when this Herbal Nitro Extreme Energy review was written, its formula was composed of Caffeine and a Proprietary Blend ().

Looking at this ingredients list, the primary energy-boosting ingredient is caffeine, of which there is 100 mg per serving (1 capsule). This is about equal to the amount of caffeine in just over 1 cup of coffee. As for the proprietary blend, it contains another stimulant, yohimbe, and three different types of ginseng. Each of these ginsengs effects the body in different ways. That being said, for the purpose of this diet pill, it is likely that these herbs have been added due to their potential effect on mental alertness and improving physical performance.

The instructions are to take 1 pill per day. According to Herbal Nitro, the most ideal time to take the capsule is an hour before you require the most energy (e.g. before a workout or your morning commute). It is also recommended for users to drink plenty of water, especially if they are combining this pill with a workout.

In terms of the benefits it provides, it is possible that you may feel more mentally alert after taking Extreme Energy due to it containing caffeine and yohimbe. That being said, whether or not this energy pill will help you to power through your work day, workout, improve your physical endurance or performance, is unknown. This product has never been clinically proven effective.

Moreover, it should be noted that since this product does contain stimulants, it’s a good idea to avoid taking it too close to bed or taking it with other products (e.g. supplements, foods, beverages) that also contain stimulants, to avoid increasing the risk of unwanted caffeine-related side effects, such as upset stomach, headache, insomnia, jitters, anxiety, etc.

When this Herbal Nitro Extreme Energy review was written, one bottle could be purchased for $19.97 from the official product page.

Prior to adding Herbal Nitro Extreme Energy to your lifestyle, it’s a good idea to play it safe and bring up your intentions to do so with your healthcare provider.

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