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Ionimine is an oral appetite suppressant that is sold without requiring a doctor’s prescription and has been designed to be used in conjunction with a complete diet plan to help users lose weight.

Based on the name of the product, and by the look and color of its yellow capsules, it is obvious that the manufacturer, LabQ2, sought to market its product as a non-prescription alternative to the prescription diet drug, Ionamin. An anorectic drug, Ionamin contains phentermine, which is combined with a resin to create a slow release for the purpose of prolonging the effects of the medication.

When this review was written, there was virtually no information provided about Ionimine, not even a basic supplement facts sheet. This is both surprising and a cause for concern, considering the product was still sold online and a bottle containing 60 capsules could be purchased for $89.99.

There isn’t even an ingredient list for this OTC weight loss aid. Thus, without knowing what is in the product, it is impossible to determine whether or not it is effective or even safe for those who want to lose weight. Apparently, the manufacturer doesn’t feel it needs to provide any evidence regarding the safety or efficacy of its product. In short, there isn’t any guarantee this pill will work.

Furthermore, although an ingredients list has not been provided for Ionimine, on the product’s sales page on the LabQ2 website, it does state that “These supplements may cause side effects such as restlessness and/or increased anxiety.” With a statement like that, it’s almost guaranteed that this product’s formula contains at least one potent stimulant. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if it contained multiple stimulants.

While it is recommended to users to combine Ionimine with a reduced-fat diet and exercise program, the dosage instructions that were found during this investigation of the product were conflicting. One site said that users should not exceed 2 capsules per day, while the LabQ2 site said not to exceed 4 per day. Considering both sites instructed users to take 1 capsule prior to breakfast or morning exercise and 1 at mid-afternoon, it seems more likely that the instruction to not exceed 2 capsules per day makes more sense.

While it would likely be wise for you to choose another and more reputable product, if you are interested in taking Ionimine, you are strongly urged to speak with your healthcare provider first, especially if you have an existing medical condition or are currently taking medications.

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