Life Extension Advanced Appetite Suppress

Life Extension Advanced Appetite Suppress
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If controlling your appetite has been one of your main struggles with losing weight, you may be on the hunt for an appetite suppressing diet pill, such as Life Extension Advanced Appetite Suppress.

Of course, simply because the term “appetite suppress” is used in the name of a product, this doesn’t mean that it can actually live up to its name or its claim that it can – in the case of this diet pill – “promote satiety.”

Still, with that said, if it should turn out that this diet pill does offer an appetite suppression benefit, this may be of value to dieters who are seeking support with their weight loss efforts, particularly when it comes to sticking to a healthy low-calorie diet.

Only One Key Ingredient

The only way to know how well an OTC diet pill will work is to take a look at its ingredients. In the case of Life Extension Advanced Appetite Suppress, there is only one active ingredient in the formula.

According to the supplement facts on the product label, each serving size (1 capsule) is composed of 100 mg of European (Italian Borlotto variety) White Kidney (common bean) Extract.

When this review was created, the official Life Extension site said that white kidney bean suppresses the urge to snack and helps to support normal levels of gut hormones that are responsible for controlling appetite and satiety.

However, Life Extension does not provide any scientific evidence to back up the claims it has made in regard to its product aiding with appetite suppression. This doesn’t say much for this dietary supplement’s efficacy, safety or ability to help with weight loss.

Evidence for White Kidney Bean’s Positive Effects for Weight Loss are Lacking

Moreover, it is interesting to note that this manufacturer has only mentioned appetite suppression benefits for Life Extension Advanced Appetite Suppress. The reason is that white kidney bean is an ingredient that is more commonly used in the OTC weight loss market as a natural carb blocker.

It is thought that white kidney bean, which is also known as Phaseolus Vulgaris, can lower the absorption of starch. There has been some clinical research that suggests white kidney bean extract may help block carbohydrate absorption and aid with weight loss. However, this same research says that more studies, and longer studies, are required to support these findings.

In short, there is insufficient evidence that taking white kidney bean can lead to meaningful long-term weight loss.

Additional Life Extension Advanced Appetite Suppression Facts

Here are a few other considerations to keep in mind before trying this product if it is something you are considering:

  • Gastrointestinal upset is a common side effect of white kidney bean
  • It is unlikely to suppress appetite and aid with weight loss
  • Consult with your doctor prior to use, especially if you are currently taking other medications or have a known heath condition

When this Life Extension Advanced Appetite Suppression review was written, this diet pill had a price tag of $19.95, but could be purchased on sale for $8.55 from the official site.

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