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Lipo-Phen Advanced is a dietary supplement for weight loss marketed as a carb blocker. The claim on the product label is that it melts stubborn fat, suppresses hunger and maximizes weight loss. It is also supposed to help boost energy.

When this review was written, the Lipo-Phen formula was composed of the following ingredients which were part of a proprietary blend: Bauhinia Purpurea L Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, Norcoclaurine, HCl, Hemerocallis Fulva, Heat Concentrated Extract, Yohimbe Extract. The formula also contained caffeine. One capsule was equal to one serving size and each serving size contained 140 mg of the proprietary blend and 135 mg of caffeine (equivalent to just over 1 cup of caffeinated coffee).

The recommended dosage for users taking this supplement is to take 1 capsule on an empty stomach before breakfast for the first 3 days. A second capsule should be take 6 – 8 hours after breakfast on the fourth day and on Day 5 or 6, users should begin taking two capsules in the morning with a third capsule taken in the evening. Users are strongly cautioned not to exceed this recommended dosage (no more than 3 pills in a 24 hour period). What’s more, users are instructed not to use Lipo-Phen Advanced for longer than 8 weeks. If they want to take the pills for another round, they are to wait 4 weeks before beginning again for up to another 8 weeks.

The formula contains ingredients, such as garcinia cambogia, which is believed to both block carbohydrates and reduce appetite. The way that this ingredient supposedly blocks carbs is it boosts energy by preventing an enzyme that your body uses to make fat from carbohydrates. When this enzyme is inhibited, the fat-making process is stopped and the production of bad cholesterol and triglycerides is lowered. Essentially, instead of digesting some of the carbs that you eat, your body eliminates them as waste so they can’t be converted into calories and fat.

In addition to carb blockers, the product also contains caffeine, which is a known booster of mental alertness. It can also increase your maximum fat burning potential when combined with physical activity and may also help to suppress appetite.

With all that in mind, know there is no guarantee or proof that taking Lipo-Phen advanced will lead to weight loss. Furthermore, it is in your best interest to speak with your doctor about taking this product before you try it to make certain it is a safe choice for you.

When this review was written, a bottle of Lipo-Phen Advanced could be purchased on Amazon for $28.99.

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