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PHENBLUE is a dietary supplement designed for weight management support. Manufactured by Intechra Health, Inc., this diet pills contains clinically researched fat binding and fat blocking ingredients. PHENBLUE has been formulated to help you make the most of your dieting efforts, which is why it is meant to be used in conjunction with regular exercise and a calorie-conscious diet.

PHENBLUE was formulated to be an effective alternative to popular prescription drug Phentermine. Even the capsules are blue and white. The ingredients, which have been backed by science, have been studied for their effects on fat burning, hunger reduction, boosting energy and reducing the amount of calories the body receives from ingested fat.

In other words, they provide many of the same benefits you would expect from prescription phentermine except without requiring a prescription or the risk of nasty side effects associated with the diet drug. Plus, with the PHENBLUE formula, there is the benefit of potential fat blocking.

PHENBLUE consists of the following ingredients: NeOpuntia, Caffeine Anhydrous, Organic Matcha Green Tea Leaf Powder, and Theobromine.

NeOpuntia (Opuntia ficus-indica/prickly pear) has been studied for its effects on weight loss and similar conditions. Some research has found that supplementation of opuntia ficus-indica can result in a significant decrease in body fat percentage as well as blood pressure and cholesterol.

Caffeine anhydrous (1, 3, 7 trimethylxanthine) is one of the most common ingredients found in non-prescription diet pills, due to its studied impact on mental alertness and body energy. Studies involving caffeine anhydrous have shown that when used daily, it can result in easier and faster weight loss compared to diet and exercise alone.

Organic matcha green tea leaf powder has shown in clinical research to block fat and burn fat. When used alongside regular exercise (particularly cardiovascular exercise) and a calorie reduced diet, it can enhance the body’s ability to burn fat via thermogenesis.

Theobromine has been found in studies to boost energy and aid in appetite suppression; two useful benefits for individuals seeking to lose and manage their weight.

PHENBLUE is manufactured in the USA in a cGMP facility and has been carefully formulated with the highest quality ingredients. For optimal results, take this product as directed and remember that it is always a wise idea to first consult with your healthcare provider before taking any dietary supplements, especially if you have a health condition or are a currently taking any medications.

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