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PhenFire 375 is another over-the-counter dietary supplement that has been marketed with a name designed to attract the interests of dieters seeking an OTC alternative to the prescription drug Phentermine. This product from Phen375, is supposed to help curb your hunger, boost metabolic rate, increase energy, and burn fat.

According to the official product page, the PhenFire 375 formula contains the following ingredients: 1,3,7, Trimethylxanthine, N-Methyltyramine, Taraxicum, Bioperine, Capsicum, and Vitamin B Complex (vitamins B1, B5, B6, B12).

On the plus side, PhenFire 375 contains many well-known ingredients within the weight loss industry; ingredients that have been scientifically researched and can be found in several OTC weight management aids, including other non-prescription Phentermine alternative products.

For instance, tirmethylxantine is a stimulant that some research has found can have appetite suppression effects on some people, and can increase energy and metabolism. N-Methyltyramine supposedly can promote the release of norepinephrine, which assists in the supporting of energy levels and boosts metabolic rate. Taraxicum is a diuretic and helps to alleviate bloating by ridding the body of excess water. Bioperine and capsicum help to promote thermogenesis, a process that raises metabolism and uses fat cells to create energy to heat up the body. Finally, B vitamins supposedly help to burn fat.

Unfortunately, there are a few down sides to PhenFire 375, as well. The first is that while the ingredients within the formula have been studied, there has never been any solid scientific proof that any of them are, in fact, effective or safe for weight loss.

Another issue is that this product contains both a stimulant and a diuretic. To avoid side effects that may include insomnia, jitters, anxiety, dehydration, stomach upset, etc. It is important that you refrain from drinking or eating other products containing caffeine or other stimulants and that you also drink plenty of water to make sure you are replacing the water your body is expelling.

At the time this review was written, a single bottle containing 30 tablets cost £44.99 ($68.00). It also came with a money-back guarantee, but not a very good one, giving users only 7 days to try the product to determine if they are satisfied with it.

For best results, PhenFire 375 should be used in conjunction with a “well planned diet and exercise routine”. That said, prior to taking this product, it would be smart to first speak with your healthcare provider.

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