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PhenKetones 375, yet another alternative to prescription Phentermine, is manufactured by Phen 375 Ltd., the same company behind PhenOriginal 375 and PhenFire 375. Like the other products, PhenKetones 375 has been designed to provide amazing and safe weight loss results. What makes it different, however, is it contains “6 tried and tested super fruit and detox ingredients” and is stimulant-free. It is meant to boost metabolism, burn fat, and detox your body.

At the time this review was written, a single bottle of PhenKetones 375, containing 30 tablets, sold for £34.99 ($54.00). However, the recommended dosage was not mentioned on the official product page. All it says is that the pills start to work 30 minutes after being taken. With no details provided on how many pills a user should take in a day, there is no way of knowing if a single bottle covers a one-month supply.

Although there is no supplement facts sheet provided, the official product page reveals that the PhenKetones 375 formula is made up of 6 ingredients, which include: Raspberry Ketones, Acai Berry, Garcina Cambogia, African Mango, CLA, Vitamin B Complex.

The site goes into detail about the ingredients in the formula, explaining what each is and how it supposedly helps with weight loss. For instance, it claims that raspberry ketones boost metabolism to rapidly burn fat. Acai berry is also supposed to be a fat burner that naturally improves digestion and metabolism. African Mango is supposed to help with weight loss, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and fat burning. Garcina Cambogia is supposed to be safe for weight loss, with one study claiming that it helps people lose more weight compared to those who don’t take it.

That said, in spite of all the claims the site has made about these ingredients, it doesn’t back up any of it with actual studies or facts.

Furthermore, there are two main problems with the ingredients found in the PhenKetones 375 formula. The first is that none of them have ever been proven to be safe or effective for weight loss.

The second issue is that some of these ingredients including raspberry ketones, garcina cambogia, and African mango (Irvingia Gabonensis), have all been touted as weight loss solutions by Dr. Oz. While the PhenKetones 375 states that “Dr. Oz can’t be wrong!” Back in the summer of 2014, Oz had to face a federal senate committee as a result of making unsubstantiated claims about these and other ingredients he claimed were effective weight loss solutions.

Thus, there is no guarantee that PhenKetones 375 is safe or that it will benefit those seeking to lose weight. It is recommended that you first speak with your medical practitioner before taking this product.

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