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Phenofen Plus 37.5 Review
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Phenofen Plus 37.5 is a “scientifically engineered weight loss dietary supplement” from VNB Labs, LLC. It has been formulated to act as an energy booster, support weight loss, and promote stress release. The manufacturer also claims that it can increase bone density and health.

When this review of Phenofen Plus 37.5 was written, it contained Caffeine Anhydrous and the following Proprietary Blend: Phenylethylamine HCl, Theobromine Anhydrous, Yohimbine Bark, Dendrobium, Octopamine HCL. There is 150 mg of caffeine and 150 mg of the proprietary blend per 1 capsule serving.

Each of these ingredients has been touted for being advantageous for those who wish to lose or manage their weight. For instance, phenylethylamine stimulates the body and may help improve mood and suppress appetite. Theobromine is thought to help provide a little energy boost, reduce water weight and help suppress appetite.

Yohimbine may help promote weight loss when combined with physical exercise, as it is believed to help increase lipolysis (the breakdown of stubborn fat deposits). Dendrobium may help lower blood pressure and increase blood sugar. Octopamine HCL is a stimulant that may have minor fat burning effects. Caffeine is a stimulant that is also thought to help with fat burning, mental focus and may lead to appetite suppression in some people.

All this being said, it should be noted that Phenofen Plus 37.5 does not contain proven ingredients. Absolutely none of the above listed ingredients have ever been proven safe or effective for weight loss.

What’s more, this product contains multiple stimulants: phenylethylamine, yohimbine, octopamine and caffeine. Due to this fact, there is a high risk that you may experience stimulant-related side effects including jitters, restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, rapid heartbeat, heart palpitations, and high blood pressure. These may occur even if you are not sensitive to stimulants.

What’s more, this product contains octopamine, which, like synephrine, is a naturally occurring stimulant in bitter orange (citrus aurantium). It has been banned by the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) due to its stimulatory properties.

When this review was written, a bottle of Phenofen Plus 37.5 (60 capsules) sold for $30.46 on Amazon. The directions were to take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule after lunch. Users are cautioned not to exceed more than 4 capsules per day. Due to the fact that this product contains caffeine and other stimulants you should avoid taking it in the late afternoon or evening to reduce the risk of sleeping troubles.

That being said, it may be best to avoid take Phenofen Plus 37.5 altogether. There are other safer Adipex alternative dietary supplements for weight management available.

Still, if you are interested in taking this product, consult your doctor first.

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