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PhenTabz is a non-prescription weight loss pill that comes from the manufacturer Gentech Pharmaceuticals and is marketed as an alternative to Phentermine.

According to the official product website, PhenTabz reduces a person’s appetite, providing them with greater control over the food they eat and portion size. In addition, the manufacturer claims that the product increases energy levels to help users get through the day and to help them keep up with exercise goals. It is also said to boost metabolism and fat burning.

With that said, the claims include:

  • Appetite suppression
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Fat burning acceleration
  • Body fat loss, not just water fat loss

Not a Real Phentermine Alternative

It is important to point out that PhenTabz is not a real non-prescription alternative to Phentermine or Adipex, in fact, no such over the counter (OTC) phentermine alternative diet pill exists. Phentermine and the brand name Adipex are prescription diet drugs that have been formulated and FDA-approved to treat obesity.

PhenTabz has not been approved as a non-prescription obesity treatment. It is a clinically unproven dietary supplement that may or may not provide the benefits the manufacturer claims.

PhenTabz Ingredients

At the time this PhenTabz review was written, there was no ingredients list on the website for this product. However, listed on the bottle label, underneath the product name, is “(Ampheta-HCL)”. This would imply, although it isn’t stated for certain on the official product site, that one of the active ingredients in the formula is Ampheta-HCL, which is a non-prescription synthetic amphetamine.

Meanwhile, other sites that sold the product claim that it contains:

  • Caffeine anhydrous
  • Synephrine HCl
  • Octopamine HCl

The information on the official product page for the PhenTabz site is not very detailed and it is also unclear.

More Than One Type of Product

Additionally, when this review was written, the manufacturer listed three products on its site including:

  • PhenTabz
  • PhenTabz Teen
  • PhenTabz RX

In its FAQ section, the site states that “Our original formula, PhenTabz RX™ is still available by prescription only.” Meanwhile, on Gentech Pharmaceuticals official site it clearly states: “PhenTabz RX is not a drug – it is a designer pharmacological supplement comprised of safe and effective ingredients.”

The bottom line is that none of the PhenTabz products are prescription drugs. They are supplements with the RX version being made available only through physicians. However, just because a product can only be purchased from a doctor does not make it a prescription. There is a significant difference.

Potential Side Effects

The manufacturer claims that the product is safe, but it does say that while it is not typical to experience adverse side effects, it is possible for users to experience dry mouth or sleeplessness. Although there is no ingredients list provided on the official site, side effects like sleeplessness indicates that the formula contains some type of stimulant, which is likely what cause its potential appetite suppression and energy boosting effects. For instance, some studies suggest caffeine can stimulate metabolic rate.

Moreover, if it does indeed contain caffeine as well as synephrine and octopamine (two natural occurring stimulants in bitter orange), there is an increased risk of unpleasant side effects, such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Jitters
  • Anxiety
  • Headache
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Upset stomach
  • High blood pressure

It Would Likely Be Best to Choose Another OTC Diet Pill

Although the manufacturer talks about the product’s clinical design, it is important to note that this is not the same as a product being clinically proven, which it is not. Everything about the marketing for this product has been designed to make it seem as though PhenTabz is some type of clinically proven and doctor approved product that is a powerful non-prescription alternative to diet drugs. It is none of these things, which makes one wonder about the integrity of the manufacturer.

Due to the lack of information and ingredients list on the PhenTabz site and the conflicting information provided, it is strongly recommended that you first speak with your healthcare provider before taking this weight loss supplement.

Update January 2020: PhenTabz is no longer sold online and appears to be a discontinued product as even the official page that was created for it no longer exists. Due to the lack of information about this product and the unproven claims linked to it, this is probably for the best. If you are seeking an OTC diet pill that can help you with your dieting and exercise goals so that you can make the most of your weight loss efforts, there are other safe and more reputable products available.


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