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Phentatrim is a dietary supplement that claims to be “the hidden secret to power up your body and lose weight 3 times quicker.” It is manufactured by Optimumnutra and supposedly contains ancient natural ingredients that have been carefully blended to create a “lean-belly breakthrough.”

Promising to “destroy” your hunger, the Phentatrim formula offers benefits including reduced bodyweight, macronutrient metabolism, thyroid support, normal blood glucose, and energy yielding metabolism. It claims it can achieve these benefits via the combination of the three powerful ingredients within its formula.

When this Phentatrim review was written, these three ingredients included…

Konjac root, better known as glucomannan, is believed to help control hunger pangs and help you feel fuller faster. It is a fiber that absorbs water, expanding in size (up to 200 times its original size). It expands in your stomach to help prevent overeating. That said, while this fiber does indeed expand, there is no clinical proof that it is actually effective at reducing appetite to the point that it aids in weight loss.

Chromium is believed to help regulate blood sugar levels and to help the body use sugar as energy. It is also thought to help metabolize macronutrients, such as turning fats, proteins and carbs into energy. Again, even if chromium provides these benefits, this does not mean that weight loss will occur.

Iodine helps to regulate thyroid hormones and can also contribute to the metabolic process, providing energy benefits. As is the case with the other two ingredients in the Phentatrim formula, having sufficient iodine levels does not mean that excess fat will melt off your body.

Therefore, the claim on the official product page that states; “Each daily serving of Phentatrim…uses only natural, clinically-proven ingredients that make losing weight faster and easier,” is unsubstantiated. In short, there is no scientific proof that this formula can live up to the claims made about it. Yes, the ingredients have been clinically researched, but there is a big difference between an ingredient being researched by scientists and scientists proving that an ingredient can produce certain effects every time.

That being said, on the plus side, this diet pill is free of stimulants, which may be beneficial to anyone seeking a stimulant-free Adipex alternative. Nevertheless, you should consult with your doctor prior to taking Phentatrim to make sure it is an ideal option for your weight management strategy. After all, simply because a product is without stimulants, this doesn’t automatically make it safe.

Purchasing a single bottle of Phentatrim, when this review was created, cost $59.00 on the official product page and also came with 1 free bottle (2 bottles total).

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