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Phentatrim is a dietary supplement that, according to the Phentatrim website, will help you lose weight three times more quickly. Manufactured by Optimumnutra, this diet pill supposedly contains ancient, natural ingredients that have been blended to create a breakthrough product for weight loss.

Does this product really work? Check out our review of this product, which promises to cut hunger, reduce weight, support your thyroid and blood sugar level, increase your energy, and more.

The Ingredients in Phentatrim 

This diet pill uses three specific ingredients within its formula in order to promote weight loss. Those are:

  • Konjac root: Believed to help control hunger, and help you feel fuller faster, konjac root, which is also known as glucomannan, is a fiber that can absorb water before expanding in size. However, there’s no clinical proof that it’s effective at reducing appetite to the point that it can help you lose weight.
  • Chromium: Believed to help regulate blood sugar, and help the body use sugar as energy, chromium might also help metabolize macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbs). But, even if this ingredient provides these benefits, it doesn’t mean that weight loss will follow.
  • Iodine: This ingredient can help regulate thyroid hormones, and contribute to the metabolic process, thereby helping with energy. However, as is the case with the other ingredients in Phentatrim, having sufficient iodine in the body doesn’t mean excess fat will melt away.

Unsubstantiated Claims Made by the Manufacturer

We feel that, based on the ingredients in this formula, the claims are ultimately unsubstantiated. There’s no scientific proof that this formula can actually live up to the claims the manufacturer is making about it.

Sure, the ingredients have been clinically studied, but there’s a difference between an ingredient being researched by scientists, and scientists actually proving that an ingredient can produce specific effects every time.

Some Positives About This Diet Pill

Despite the negatives, we do like that this product doesn’t contain any stimulants. Therefore, this might be a viable option for anyone seeking a stimulant-free Adipex alternative. It’s best, though, to consult with your doctor prior to taking this product, as you want to be sure it’s the right product for your weight loss journey.

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