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Phenyl Core is a weight management supplement from Infinite Labs. It promises that users will lose weight in a fast, healthy and safe way. It has been designed to improve mood, suppress cravings and appetite, provide non-stop energy, boost metabolic rate, cut excess fat and prevent the regaining of body fat. While this certainly sounds like an impressive formula that addresses both the mental and physical aspects of weight loss, the only way to really know if this fat burner product can deliver on the promises made about it is by taking a look at its ingredients.

Pheyl Core contains NeuroPhen Mood Complex, which contains Acacia Rigidula P.E. (plant) and includes its compounds: Phenylethylamine, N,N Dimethylphenylamaine N,N Dimethyl-b-Phenylethylamine, 3,4-Dimethoxy-5-Hydroxy-b-Phenethylamine, 4-hydroxy-phenethylamine (Tyramine). It also contains a Polyphenolic Herbal Catechin Complex, which contains White Tea, Green Tea, Kuding Tea with 80% polyphenols, 60% EGC, DL-C, EGCG, EC, OCG, ECG (from leaves), Dextrose. It also contains 200 mg of Caffeine and an Infinite Burn Proprietary Complex composed of Hordenine, Konjac root, Cissus Quadrangularis Extract (seeds), Rhodiola Rosea Extract (root), Dextrose.

The first aspect you’ve likely notice about this dietary supplement is that it contains many ingredients. The second is that it contains multiple stimulants and a large amount of caffeine. Both of these facts indicate that there is a good chance that users will be at a higher risk of experiencing certain side effects.

Acacia Rigidula is a plant that some believe contains more than 40 active compounds. Some of these compounds supposedly boost metabolism and lipolysis (the breakdown of fats and other lipids) in the body. However, not enough research has been done to support the claims made about this ingredient’s positive effects on weight loss. Furthermore, Acacia Rigidula may increase body temperature as well as other side effects linked to stimulants including insomnia, increase heart rate and blood pressure, heart palpitations and headaches.

Several studies conducted on caffeine have found that it can boost energy levels and alertness, which could help a person improve their fat burning during exercise performance. However, there is 200 mg of caffeine per Phenyl Core capsule, which is a significant amount, particularly when you take into consideration that a cup of coffee averages just under 100 mg of caffeine and that users are required to take more than one Phenyl Core capsule per day. Caffeine can cause negative side effects including sleeplessness, restlessness, headaches, increased blood pressure and heart rate, increased urination, dizziness, jitteriness, etc.

Konjac extract, better known as glucomanan, is a fiber that expands in the stomach with water, which can help a person feel fuller faster, decreasing appetite. While the effectiveness of this ingredient is questionable, users should be advised that certain side effects can result from taking konjac extract including increased bowel movements as well as stomach pains, constipation and intestinal blockage if not enough water is ingested.

At the time that this product review was created, a single bottle of the Phenyl Core weight management dietary supplement, which contained 100 capsules, could be purchased online for $29.95. It should also be noted that the official Infinite Labs website did not include Phenyl Core in its current product list, which may suggest that this particular weight loss aid may have been discontinued.

Due to the number of questionable ingredients and lack of proof that Phenyl Core can provide the weight management assistance promised, you should play it safe and first speak with your healthcare provider prior to taking this supplement.

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