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Sascha Fitness Fit 9 Review
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Sascha Fitness Fit 9 is a sleek-looking weight loss pill product with emerald green capsules. It is marketed as a powerful fitness blend that has been formulated to deliver:

  • Metabolism support
  • Hormonal balance support
  • Energy support
  • Collagen regeneration support

It also supposedly helps with fluid balance.

What is Inside the Sascha Fitness Fit 9 Formula?

Beyond Vitamin C and Potassium, Sascha Fitness Fit 9 ingredients include a Fit9 Powerful Fitness Blend:

  • Dandelion Root Extract
  • Gotu Kola Extract
  • 7-Keto Dhea
  • Dindolylmethane
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Uva Ursi Extract
  • L-Theanine
  • Gingko Biloba Extract

The suggested use for those taking Fit 9 for the first time is to take 2 capsules per day (1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule 5-6 hours later) for a minimum of 7 days to first assess tolerance. If the product is well tolerated, users can proceed to take the regular recommended dosage if they desire. The regular dosage is to take 2 capsules with a glass of water in the morning and 2 capsules 5-6 hours later, preferably with a meal. Users are cautioned to drink plenty of water throughout the day to support hydration.

Not Much More than a Water Pill

Sascha Fitness Fit 9 is the type of over the counter diet pill that is more of a water pill than it is anything else. The reason is that it contains multiple diuretics, including both uva ursi and dandelion root, the latter of which is the first ingredient listed in the fitness blend. This indicates that of all the ingredients in the 2310 mg blend, the dandelion content is the highest.

Studies have shown that dandelion (also known as taraxacum officinale) has a diuretic effect on humans. This means that it increases urinary frequency. Uva ursi can also have this effect.

It is more than likely for this reason that the manufacturer has cautioned users to first assess tolerance as well as drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

Experiencing a reduction in fluid retention and water weight loss is quite possible when taking Fit 9 as is dehydration. That being said, losing water weight isn’t the same as losing fat and the water you lose will return. Should you choose to take this diet pill, it would be wise to speak with a medical professional first.

At the time of the writing of this Sascha Fitness Fit 9 review, a single bottle (a one month supply) of this weight management aid could be purchased for $44.99 on the official product page.


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